Roll Fed Laminators

Autolam specialise in the supply of semi automatic, roll fed laminating and encapsulating machines for in house production of documents, banners, graphics, posters etc

Our machines are designed to make the whole process of bringing this service under you own full control, for quality and time, very easy whilst making a substantial cost saving against out sourcing.

The machines offer a solution to all paper formats up to A0 and are easy to use and set up giving outstanding results for a professional finished document.


Roll Fed Encapsulating Machines

(Models - 360, 460, 650 & 1100)

These machines operate on the basis of a roll of heat activated film being fed from the top and bottom, through the machines pressure hot rollers in the middle. The document is fed in between the film through the rollers and is encapsulated (sandwiched) as it passes through the machine and exits at the back.

It is then trimmed down on all four sides to produce a fully protected and enhanced printed document ready for display. 



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Dual Purpose Laminating Machines

(Models 460 & 650)

As above, this machine can be used as an encapsulating machine 'sandwiching' a document between two layers of heated film feeding from top and bottom of the machine.

An 'anti curl' function means this unique machine can also be used as a single sided laminator whereby a document can be passed through the machine and if necessary be laminated only on its face or printed side, rather than both sides. 

This dual function capability makes this unit a very versatile machine for all kinds of laminating and encapsulating jobs. 


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